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polypropylene sack в Магальянес

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В Чили
Polypropylene woven sacks
0.12 $/шт FCA  
опт 0.09 - 0.10 $/шт
Polyproplene woven sacks. Size 55 cm- 105 cm. Weight of sack 75-85 gr. You can use it for packing flour, sugar, tea and etc. Production-Turkmenistan.
9 авг 2019
Цена по запросу
- Polypropylene, at a fixed price (the price is formed at the factory) Type of delivery FOB.
21 июл
Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
+1 фото
Ballpoint pen
0.02 $/шт
We offer you ballpoint pens! With good quality and from factory price! Ballpoint pen in a plastic housing. It is completed with a core with blue oil-based ink, which is characterized by high density, light - and water resistance, does not freeze at low temperatures. The thickness of the writing
1 июн 2022
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